Management Practices and Quality Assurance

We believe in quality from our processes and systems, to deliverables and from our management to our team members (employees). It is part of our best business practices to build quality assurance (QA) into every step of our approach – from planning and implementation to quality management systems and our human factors management programs.

We employ the latest Web-based project quality assurance and quality control management systems. CENTECH is (ISO) 9001:2008 and SEI CMMI Maturity Level 3 appraised. Our approach is based in standards-driven processes including those of ISO, CMMI Maturity Level 3, the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) in conjunction with our corporate quality management objectives including: 1) exceeding performance requirements, 2) achieving full customer satisfaction, 3) delivering mission and user satisfaction, and 5) continuous performance improvement.

Management Practices:

We have invested significant financial and management resources to develop a suite of automated management systems to ensure consistency in our day-to-day work efforts to monitor the on-going best business practices to support the management of our quality assurance and quality control requirements.  Our suite of management systems include:

  • InSight 2.0 - a disciplined tracking and reporting Web-based application that provides monthly project assessment and reporting for 9 performance categories and 51 specific quality sub-items to cover every area affecting quality control.

  • Project Information Management System™ (PIMS) –allows the project team to instantly communicate action items and requests to the customer and project staff while providing the client and every level of CENTECH management complete insight into daily project performance. PIMS can also capture and maintain complete records of performance and related documents.

  • Client Satisfaction Assurance Process™ (CSAP) - involves the capturing, documenting, and reporting on all matters relating to customer satisfaction.

  • Continuous Performance Improvement Program™ (CPIP) - Stated simply, CPIP is a disciplined, automated management process to ensure customer satisfaction that demonstrates a clear and measurable improvement in our processes, products and services aimed at increasing productivity, efficiency and employee morale to better meet our clients’ mission requirements in each successive year throughout the life of the contract.

  • Team Member Service Support Center™ (TMSSC) - our automated 24/7/365 Web-based system for quality control, problem solving, and risk management. It is a virtual help desk that allows our team to focus on project requirements by assuring proper support from corporate staff.

  • iCIMS - our online, Web-based recruiting system currently maintains resumes and qualification on over 10,000 highly skilled professionals throughout the country who can be deployed on short notice. The system captures and analyzes both current and prospective employees’ skills, technical and managerial experiences and qualifications allowing us to be agile, flexible and responsive to client needs..

  • Productivity & Quality Assurance Team Member Motivation Program™ - a program to ensure client satisfaction through recognition of innovation, leadership and productivity. CENTECH provides team members with 17 competitive and non-competitive awards categories that deliver added value for the client while promoting individual career growth and provide cash bonuses for our team.

  • Professional Review & Individual Development System™ (PRIDE) 2.0 - CENTECH’s PRIDE is a secure, Web-based system that supports our corporate commitment to continuous performance improvement by tying our professional staff assignments, goals, development, achievements, and commendations/ awards to their role on a project. Even more specifically, it ties their achievement to our client’s project objectives.

Quality Assurance:

CENTECH operates from a core belief in Trust, Quality, Service and Value. With these tenets of operation, we dedicate staff and processes to ensure that quality is also at the core of what we deliver every day.

To provide procedures for corrective action, we use an issue identification and escalation process to identify those issues and resolve them before they affect performance.

If problems occur at any stage during the project, a Corrective and Improvement Action Plan (CIAP) is developed. Initial resolution is coordinated between quality control (QC) staff and the task order (TO) manager. Each deficiency and corrective action is documented in PIMS. If not resolved, the QC has the authority to escalate the action assignment to our program manager.  All actions are copied to the quality assurance (QA) manager to facilitate tracking escalation action.  Should resolution of the deficiency still not occur, regardless of the reason, the QA manager has authority to escalate the problem to the president.  This escalation structure ensures that quality issues receive proper and timely action and aid in the prevention of issues that may have any adverse impact to a TO project.

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