CENTECH is a proven, successful provider of IT systems and solutions for a wide range of military and civilian programs. We provide technical and management expertise for a full range of services including:

  • Program & Acquisition Management Support Services
  • Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance (SETA) Services
  • Security Systems & Services
  • Web Solutions & Services
  • Business Operations Support Services
  • Computer Data Center Operations Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Help Desk Systems & Services
  • Network & Infrastructure Services
  • Logistics Support Systems & Services
  • Software Development & Maintenance Services
  • Test & Evaluation Services
  • Training/Knowledge Transfer Systems & Services

Since 1988, CENTECH has served government and corporate clients on more than 5,000 contracts and major task orders, including over 150 mission critical software development projects. We have done so with best business practice solutions and have achieved the highest past performance evaluation ratings. Further, CENTECH is completely responsive, flexible, and adaptable in providing the optimal support to our customers. They find the personal commitment and real investments of time and effort into our engagements by our most senior executives to be a meaningful, positive difference in working with CENTECH over any other government service provider.

We have successfully provided our clients practical, cost effective state-of-the-art solutions that have consistently met the critical mission requirements of our clients. Our ability to consistently earn high past performance evaluation ratings demonstrates how CENTECH is the “no risk” support services provider, a trusted partner and a great place to work.

CENTECH has a significant corporate resource base infrastructure that effectively and fully supports SeaPort-e. All of our program/project or task order managers have access to a wide range of corporate support sources. We focus attention to the specific and unique needs and challenges of SeaPort-e. 

Our proven business philosophy and management approach establishes clear performance standards to assure successful delivery of required products and services. We focus significant attention to the effective monitoring processes and coordinated and effective lines of communication among our clients, subcontractors, and our project and corporate team members that are focused to meet specific needs. Managers are empowered to make decisions and encouraged to be entrepreneurial in leveraging our clients’ assets to achieve operations cost savings on every project. CENTECH corporate management and staff organizational structure is focused as a service bureau to fully support our project managers and project staff.  Finally, our corporate resources are committed to support key project and task management elements to ensure the successful and timely completion of all contractual commitments. 

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